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Movement Ecology Training

A 3-day course for changemakers

A course to explore how we come together and grow stronger to successfully challenge hegemonic power and achieve systemic change in the UK.

It’s based on the insight that social movements are ecosystems that grow stronger and more resilient through increased diversity and mutual support.

It helps citizens and activists, NGOs and social movement organisations, founders and funders find their niche, connect to others, and cooperate instead of competing.

In the course, you’ll

  • up your strategy game by viewing your social movement as a complex, living, dynamic ecosystem
  • map your and other organisations’ place within that context to identify the most useful connections to make
  • reflect on how the identities we hold as organisers can enrich or limit us
  • make power structures visible and explore the narratives that hold them together
  • learn about theories of change and discover methods for adapting to the complex world we live in
  • explore the constraints on the systems you want to influence, and decide on concrete interventions
  • work on strategic challenges and opportunities you’re currently facing, and plan how to evaluate your success

Key outcomes:

  • Have a working understanding of change and agency in complex systems
  • Get clearer on who is active in your movement and who you could connect with
  • Understand the hegemonic power structures that we’re up against
  • Learn how to mitigate aspects of movement culture that are holding us back
  • Practice creating the culture you want to see, hear, feel, touch
  • Learn how to design an adaptive and effective strategy in changing circumstances
  • Make new connections, generate trust and build more collective power

How do I register?

Next course: 17–19 September 2024 in Manchester

Topic focus: Food & Land Justice

Sign up for a place!

Further courses:

We also offer bespoke workshops for existing groups, organisations and networks. Please reach out to us if you are interested in this!

How much does it cost?

We have a sliding scale for the participation fee to accommodate the diversity of groups we work with.

  • £250 – Solidarity: A subsidised fee for those with less financial means
  • £500 – Full cost: How much it costs for us to provide a place on this course
  • £750 – Redistribution: An opportunity for those with more financial means to support solidarity places

Because we don’t want money to be an obstacle, we offer free seats on our courses. Please get in touch if the entry fee is a barrier to you joining us!

Quotes from participants

“Feeling reconnected and clear about how to lead the movement and some great tools to widen thinking with our group.”

“Finally the ‘left’ is looking at things differently and trying to work together.”

“I felt re-energised to go and reach out to those that can help us on our mission to fight Climate Change. I have already started on some of the points we did map out and I have to say that the course has given me more determination then ever.”

“It made me realise how important all our work is, across all social movements and all those organising for a better world. It feels like that’s already providing the basis on which something new could grow.”

“Leaving feeling more connected to my community. More shared language with colleagues to talk more directly about how to focus our future planning… This feels good :)”

“I enjoyed learning about hegemony theory and the timeline was a big eye opener! The mapping was a big moment for me, too, and I felt really motivated afterwards.”

“There were lots of cool ‘connecting the dots’ moments. I chew over these puzzle pieces so much and it was satisfying to learn how they can slot together into neater configurations, and then be broken up into new ones.”